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collective madness

This chapbook—collective madness—features poems about my journey with fibroid tumors and the intersection of that journey with racial battle fatigue. Along with my reflections on fibroids at the intersection of Black womanhood, traces of my experience with ulcerative colitis are interwoven in the book. 

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Essential Truths: The Bay Area in Color

130 writers and artists respond to the unprecedented uncertainty of our times with prose, poetry, and visual art reflecting their Bay Area realities as Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color or White allies.

The pandemic and other events have tested every fiber of our being and shaken our relationships with family, community, the nation, and the earth itself. As our basic assumptions about lifewere upended again and again, what essential truths emerged?

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Patrice Lumumba: An Anthology of Writers on Black Liberation

The Patrice Lumumba anthology collects the liberatory words of 24 authors, many of whom call Oakland, California, home. Herein are explorations of contemporary colonization, the racial/physical/mental/physic abuses of power, locations of home, alternative modes of work, the health profession, and the healing powers of history. These poems are a call to action for collective change—now.

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