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Dr. Adrienne Danyelle Oliver is a poet-educator, hip-hop scholar from Little Rock, Arkansas currently living in the SF Bay Area. She enjoys reflecting on and writing about intergenerational healing. Her published chapbooks, collective madness (Finishing Line Press) and the body has memories (Black Lawrence Press), include these reflections. Part poetry, part memoir, part dream, these chapbooks are the beginning of a liberation she hopes to witness among all bodies harboring historical trauma. Some of Adrienne’s favorite authors include Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. When she is not writing, Adrienne leads well-being writing circles for Black scholars and helps people of the global majority to heal from racial and socioeconomic trauma so they can share their stories with the world. She also curates Black Gold Storytellers, an award-winning intergenerational storytelling circle featuring elders who have migrated from the South.

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collective madness

the body has memories

My Books

collective madness is an ecosystem cross-examining the architecture of colonialism, western medicine, and the construction of race. A testament to resiliency, tone choreographs light so that death is a letting go of / I in exchange for we. Undertones of Sonia, Ntozake, and Lucille, adrienne blossoms in this collection. She emerges as the innovative Black poet; she divinely is writing to her/ our people. Ashé.


poet and author of Unearth [The Flowers] 

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